Oldman River

Oldman River GloryThe Oldman River begins its journey not behaving much like it’s namesake at all; pouring out of the Rockies in a series of enthusiastic rapids, deep green pools and playful riffles and glides. The fish act as youthful as the river, running and leaping at will when hooked. These fish grow strong and firm in this tough rocky mountain setting. Downstream as it enters foothills country, the Oldman begins to show his age and slows to the moderate pace of middle age, long runs meet long riffles and deep pools all holding the rainbows and cutthroats that increase in size as does the river. This is the floatable section of the river flowing out of foothills to grassy ranch land. Great dry fly fishing can be had along the Oldman’s entire length though all methods of fly fishing will be employed. The Oldman slows to the meander of old age before becoming the Oldman River Reservoir.