Oldman Tailwater

The construction of the Oldman dam was a tragedy,  reminiscing about the glory of the river and the fishing before the dam always leaves a pit in our stomaches but… there is a silver lining to the that big dark cloud. A world class fishery exists in that 7 km before the Piegan Indian reservation.  A challenging and technical  fishery that holds some truly glorious Rainbows and Browns, as well as Cutthroats and Bull trout and even some Northern Pike. Floating the river in our drift boat is the favoured method of fishing the river. Big streamers will yield big Rainbows and Browns and Bulls. Nymphing will give you a chance at every fish in the river and during a hatch…wait … give me a minute… the river seams to boil with rising fish and head hunting for the big ones with a small dry fly is the essence of trout fishing.